Our People

The most important part of research is the people involved. We are grateful to work together as a close-knit team, well-resourced in a small research institute.



dr simon HJ brown

Simon moved to Australia in 2008 following his PhD with Prof Susan Taylor at the University of California San Diego. Upon starting his own group in 2015, Simon has focussed on combining analytical tools from both lipidomics and protein structure fields to biomedical problems.


Claudia Kielkopf, M.Sc.

As part of her Master degree in Sweden, Claudia came to the Brown lab in 2015 to do her degree project on structural studies on apolipoprotein D. Only half a year later, Claudia was back to start her PhD project with Simon investigating how the structure and function of apolipoprotein D protect from Alzheimer's disease. 


rachelle balez

Rachelle is a Wollongong local and completed a double degree in Science and Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong. Rachelle is currently in the third year of her PhD, where she is investigating how alterations to the lipid membrane contribute to Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis using induced pluripotent stem cell modelling.